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Caretta Caretta

The sea turtle Caretta Caretta

Sea turtles " Caretta Caretta" live in different areas in the world,  laying eggs mainly in places with warm climate. In Crete, mainly located on the Komos-Beach, where animal right activists built small stonewalls to protect the burried eggs during the breeding season. The size of an adult loggerhead is about 90 cm and their weight ranges to 100 kg.

The mating season begins in spring. From mid-May to mid-August, the Caretta lays her eggs. If these turtles mate, they develop a kind of "erotic dance". After mating at sea, adult female turtles return to land to nest at night.They prefer the secluded beaches. There a female digs herself a 50 cm deep hole. Filling the nest with up to 100 eggs. After 55 days about 75 young hatchlings tear up the shell and try to reach the sea. Only those survive who escape their natural enemies. Their biggest enemy however is the ever-growing presence of humans. The Caretta Caretta applies as an endangered species. Many environmental organizations like Greenpeace and WWF are supporters for their rescue.

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